_ 2 diabolos tutorial: both legs stall (IJA youtube contest)

My first entry to the 2nd IJA video tutorial contest, check it out and vote for me on april 1st, please!
http://www.juggle.org/business/youtube//nI know I repeated the word "really" to many times, and that I make funny faces while talking, but that's ok, hahahhhaahahha/nIf you have sugestions or questions just leave a comment!/n--//--/nMeu video para o campeonato do IJA, espero que gostem.
Por favor, votem em mim no dia 1º de abril!/nSugestões e dúvidas são bem vindas!
Cotia - SP - 2011 Brazil
  2011-03-20 02:42 4894

_ download it

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