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Definitely the best WJF profile video yet. Spin, Casey, spin!

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_ WJF7 Competitor Profile: Casey Rentmeester

My submission for the WJF7 Competitor Profile Video Competition. Find out more about the World Juggling Federation and Major League Combat at www.thewjf.com
Green Bay, WI - 2011 United States
  2011-04-12 00:60 4251

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JTV _ 107 months
“@jugglermo: The featured videos are subjective, and whoever features them, there is always bound to be some disagreement. JTV and 10 power users all have the power to feature videos, so there is a broad range of opinions represented. Also, in 4 years of JTV, no-one has ever emailed us to suggest that a particular video should be featured! Comments are a great way of users interacting - keep it up!”
Arron _ 107 months
“Great video!”
jugglermo _ 107 months
“couldnt there be a way of the users deciding witch videos are featured and not, beacause in my opinion some of the featured videos laak juggling, and this would great more interaction between the users. just an idea...”
JTV _ 107 months
“Flash and HTML5 fixed.”
jugglingjunkie _ 107 months
“video doesn't work not with flash neither with HTML5 gets to 59sec and stops....”
TLMB _ 107 months
“Cool, funny vid, but why is there 6 minutes of black on the end?”

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