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This Video Needs You - This Video Needs Votes ! Hooping by the sea, what better way to start the weekend. Created by original JTV member Anton- one of the first ever uploaders. Help these lovely ladies out and follow the link to vote for their video
Today is the last day of voting - Come on lets give a litte love :-)

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_ Angie Mack & Beatrix Asenjo BGT & Hula Hoops Talent Comp Entry

Please vote for Angie Mack and Beatrix Asenjo to win 10k!

Voting ends in just 2 days and they need to be in the top 20 for a chance to win. BUT you get NEW VOTES everyday! So with your help they can easily be in the top 20.

Please click the above link, register your email and vote. But doing this you also get entered in for a chance to win £1,000 and tickets to Britain's Got Talent!
If you have voted before then PLEASE keep voting for them! New votes everyday! These last 3 days are really important!

Many thanks in advance!
Brighton - 2011 United Kingdom
  2011-05-13 02:03 6545

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