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Jtv says_ OK - hands up if you're one of the 500 people that's watched Angie's winning video in the Fat Boy Slim contest despite the fact that no one is actually supposed to know this site is here... Ok, maybe a few of you watched it more than once? Not that we can blame you. If you haven't seen it, check it out - beautifully filmed and containing that mastress of la hula-hoop - Angie Mackman - and if Fat Boy Slim liked it enough to book Angie into his summer tour, then it must be brilliant. Watch it NOW.

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_ Angie - Fatboy Slim Competition Video

The controversial winning video for the Fatboy Slim competition. Does hula-hooping fall under the juggling umbrella? Fatboy Slim thought so....

What do you think?
Rottingdean - 2006 United Kingdom
  2007-03-12 04:45 12486

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kcg5 _ 162 months
“I thought the bliss video won?”
bAjA _ 198 months
“only you could watch this video so many times”

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