_ Help me with my Reverse Backcrosses

Hey, I've been working on reverse backcrosses for a while now, and I'm getting short runs of 10-15 catches right now. I'm just wondering if I'm doing them correctly or is there something I should change?
My room - 2007 United States
  2007-10-02 00:15 5930

3_ they said...

christhejuggler _ 128 months
“i had this problem when i was learning 3 club bx :)
u should really go back to one club and just do 1 club reverse backcrosses for 10-12 hours(for about 1 week) and then the trick will go a lot longer :)”
Arron _ 191 months
“Try and minimalise the amount of side to side body movement. You can do that by taking a wider stance, which will help stop movement and then over time work on bringing your feet into a more nutral position. Make sure your throwing to the hand and not just reaching to the club. Other than that looks good, just keep at it!”
TLMB _ 191 months
“I don't do this trick, but your pattern looks good to me. A common problem that causes "short runs" is "forgetting to breathe"..... maybe you're holding your breath without realising it?”
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