_ New Tricks - Extended Box, Rubinstein's Revenge, 5 Ball Cascade

Here's what I'm working on. /nI know this video's in the wrong "style channel" but there isn't an appropriate one.
  2011-10-29 03:17 2709

2_ they said...

AKDiamond _ 151 months
“I've seen that, but thanks. My Rubinstein's Revenge is different now, so I'll have to post it and see if people say it is right. I honestly find it hard to tell whether I am doing a trick incorrectly, or simply not doing it well, if you get me.
And I'm curious - is there a name for what I am doing here?
coross _ 151 months
“Thats not how to do rubinsteins revenge this might help thought http://www.youtube.com/watch?nomobile=1&v=3wvqC4iWuh0”
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