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(4x,2)*er features 65 patterns based on the siteswap (4x,2)* performed by 22 jugglers. It's filmed in four countries and features lots of juggling celebrities - it's also pretty funny (that's my opinion of course and I made the video so, whatever).






The Power is On


well... first there is this bit with the sound system to go with the name and to match then music then i do a three club trick where they balance on my arms and stuff then it goes to the thing with different clashes and short tricks to match the music then i do a 5 ball trick with back crosses and a spin around and more back crosses with numbers and x's and things then i do 4 club singles while having 2 clubs on the ground one on top of the other so that i can step on the fat end of one using it as a lever to flip the other one into my hand and go into a 5 club cascade... you know what, i don't really have time to write out a description so maybe you better just watch the video.
wes - peden - the - power - is - on - juggling - boxes - clubs - diabolo - balls - 4x2 - fun - go - team - danceing - around - like - a - crazy - person






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