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Spirit Bomb Yo-Yo Trick / non-breakaway - Luke Renner (no audio)


Spirit Bomb Yo-Yo Trick Instructional Video demonstrated by Luke Renner. Note: this video uses a non-breakaway mount. The breakaway is the standard throw for the trick. If you're learning tricks for a sports ladder contest practice the breakaway toss to start the trick the other steps are the same. The forward pass throw used in this demonstration gives extra momentum and spin time for completing the trick. The audio is intentionally left out on this video. Yo-Yo used in the demo is a Yoyofactory Speed Dial. Footage shot in Northwest New Mexico on 8/28/10 by Filmmakers George Thomas and Thomas LaRue. Trick details: Spirit Bomb is a yo-yo trick originated by Jeff Longoria. Trick name originates from the game Dragon Ball Z. Special Thanks and recognition to Ken's World-on-a-String, Sector-Y and all of the sites that pioneered and continue promote the "Art of Yo!" through videos on the web






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