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Berlin: Juggling wizards in winter!


I already liked Berlin, but this trip I found out that it's the best city in Europe for finding indoor practice spaces during winter, not to mention all the friendly jugglers and circus artists who live and train here. It's inspiring, fun, and very nice to be in a big city that supports and encourages juggling! Thank you to all the talented people who appear in this video, including, but not limited to: Declan, Mark, Luke, Bart, Fabio, Karolina, Alex, Josh (Sorry I'm too senile to have remembered everyone's name! I would like to credit you, so please leave your name in a comment for me, if you appear in here? Danke!) Thanks also to Geraldine and her family, Luke and Pola, and Tona and Mischa for hosting me and helping me with the videography. Danke to the people at Jonglierkatakomben, especially Carlo, and all the others who put up with my broken German. Deutsch ist schwerer als 5 Club Backcrosses!






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