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title: Gentle Romble: Aidan Burns' Scrambled V Variation (iB cB sC)

description: __1__2__3 A: ps ps ps ->B B: ps ss ps ->C C: ss ps ss -> A M: iB cB sC -> M The feeder is "A", the juggler to the feeder's left is "B" and the juggler to the feeder's right is "C". The feeder counts "1 2 3" to make it easier to keep track of where we are in the pattern. On beats 1 and 3, A (the feeder) and B exchange a pass. On beat 2, A and C exchange a pass. On 3, juggler B catches the pass and walks on four count (rotating the positions anti-clockwise). 1. "iB": The manipulator (M) intercepts a the pass from A to B. The juggler who was B is the new manipulator, and reads from the manipulator line. The old manipulator, reads B's line. 2. "cB": The manipulator carries a club to B. 3. "sC": The manipulator substitutes a self from C to C. All the jugglers are re-labeled and the new feeder starts counting the 3 passes.





title: Kennedy

description: Manipulator passing pattern for four people. The base pattern is 4 count between two jugglers. Below is the Aidan notation for the pattern. There is one round of four count and then the pattern begins A: ps |ss |ps |ss | Becomes juggler B B: ps |ss |cs |ss | Becomes juggler A M: SA-B |SB-B |IA-B |CM-N | Becomes manipulator N N: SB-A |SA-A |SB-A |SN-B | Becomes manipulator M "ps":= pass self "ss":= self self "cs":= chop self "SA-B":= Substitute from juggler A to juggler B "IA-B":= Intercept from juggler A to juggler B (note that at an intercept instruction the juggler that was the destination of the club and the manipulator that performed the intercept change places) "CM-N":= Carry from manipulator M to manipulator N Starting positions in the video: A patterned red shirt (right) B dress (left) M is blue shirt (middle-right) N plain red shirt (middle left) Oh, and the "niiaoow" noise is a cat-plane hybrid noise, performed on the carry (optional).





title: Y you follow me

description: A new pattern created using Aidan notation. The manipulators in this pattern are dependent, as clubs are taken by one manipulator and replaced by the other. 4 count static Y base, with B at the back of the Y, D in the middle of the Y, A on the left of the Y (from the point of view of D and B) and C on the right. Aiden notation for the pattern: A ps|ss|ps|ss|ps|ss B ps|ss|ps|ss|ps|ss C ps|ss|ps|ss|ps|ss D ps|ss|ps|ss|ps|ss M1 cD|--|sA|iA|cA|-- M2 sC|iC|cD|iD|cB|iB Starting: M1 starts back to back with D facing B M2 stands in front of C facing C We start with a ps and then the manipulators begin on ss. The manipulators start on the last instruction at ss as it is written above (M1 --, M2 iB) When M1 reaches the end of the instructions, M1 becomes M2 (having reached the physical location of M2 at the start of the M2 instructions). Similarly M2 becomes M1





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