_ 60 FPS Badass Test

Got my brand new HD 60 Frames Per Second camera! And so I decided the day I got it to give it a test with some kendama tricks, capturing the subtle moves faster than the eye can see them. So here we go! With a UFO, Triple Jumping Stick, swing spike combo's, and a coupleother awesome Kendama tricks in clear as day slo-mo.
  2012-01-14 02:04 3923

1_ they said...

TLMB _ 140 months
“Trick names are:
Whirlwind Swing To Big Cup
Falling Down
Around The World w/ Orbit launch
Flat (0 spin) Jumping Stick
Swing In
Big Cup to Whirlwind Big Cup
UFO (aka Rotor Blade)
Triple Jumping Stick
For UFO, I recommend you try to turn your hand upwards as you make the catch, to stop the ken falling out of the hole again immediately.”

_ download it

ENCODED FILE - iPod friendly version
640x360 - 25fps - mp4 - 15.7MB
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