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A plethora of passing patterns for you all to play. Some of the simplest-looking are the most mind-twisting! And if it all gets a bit much, just try the one with the bottles and glasses....

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_ Préchac with my friends

A little selection of Préchac passing patterns by Daniel Sánchez and friends ordered by period from 1 to 8. If you are interested in how these patterns are generated, or you want help choreographing or generating custom patterns, contact [email protected]
Jugglers/Malabaristas: Daniel Sánchez, Elena Umlauff, Kiko Porcella, Laura Rubio, Doreen Grossman, Daniel Shultz, Josu Montón, Iris Muñoz, Guillermo Porta, Alice, Juan Carlos Margallo, Elia Pérez Guisado, Isabel López Sáiz, Alix, Declan Mee, Áine de Róiste.
Filmed in: Carampa Circus School (Madrid), Jonglier Katakomben (Berlin), El Local (Madrid), Bon Site (Alcorcón), El Circódromo (Alcorcón), EJC 2008 (Karlsruhe), CAEM (Pamplona-Iruña), Zilipurdi (Vitoria-Gasteiz), Declan´s Kitchen (Berlin).
Madrid Spain
  2012-03-10 04:28 10759

5_ they said...

ipaxxx _ 137 months
MichaelAKaras _ 138 months
“Simply amazing!”
Mica _ 138 months
“Great video!!! beautifull patterns and great jugglers :)
thaks for share”
enjoyjuggling _ 138 months
“Good times! :D”
Arron _ 138 months
“Always exciting to see never seen before collaborative patterns!”

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