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Pretty Prechac pair patterns passed perfectly parallel.

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_ doreen&dani: rainy morning in madrid

Doreen was visiting Madrid for a couple of days, and we spent a rainy morning juggling patterns in my warehouse.
Is amazing how time flies when you play this kind of funny things, and how fast you can juggle new patterns with the right partner. She is one of the best passers in the world, for sure!
In addition, is amazing how we keep enjoying Préchac Transformation after all these years. We already played a lot of this patterns but there is still a universe out there... Full of new tricks to discover and customize.
Madrid Spain
  2016-04-14 04:20 3576

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danifausto _ 96 months
“Sorry for the mistake, doreen´s mail is not right written. If you want to contact her this is the good one: [email protected]

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