_ "Ringhaus" - a short juggling film by Norbi Whitney

I strayed away from my faster, electronica-based, style of editing to pursue something more relaxed in my last few videos.

For my first personal video of the year (and my first ever solo video as director and not cameraman), I wanted to revisit this style with my recent progress in videography.
I am very happy with the result.

Filmed with a Canon T3i (600D), edited in Final Cut Pro X.
Music: "eight" by Emotional Joystick

Also available at:
Hannover - 2012 Germany
  2012-04-20 02:20 7361

7_ they said...

htor27 _ 140 months
“:D excelente”
earthboundmisfits _ 142 months
“Another great film, mega tricks and moves and great editing. Thanks muchly”
dachamp _ 142 months
“the knuckle catch was insane! I had to watch that like 3 times. Very smooth, very innovative.”
Tucetkulí! _ 142 months
“Well edited!”
Feela _ 142 months
Robin _ 142 months
“Good work chap, hope you're well :o)”
danda _ 142 months

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