_ Aaron DeWitt: a short juggling film by Norbi Whitney

I have always been disappointed with the average amount of care which goes into juggling videos, compared to those of the acrobatic or extreme sports communities.

I present to you my first ever HD juggling film project. Shot entirely with a Canon T2i, at 720p and 60fps.
Filmed during just 30 minutes on a cold December morning.
Edited using Final Cut Pro and Motion

Directed, filmed and edited by Norbi Whitney
Starring Aaron DeWitt
Music: "Another Wave from You" and "New Map" by M83

Also available at:
Quebec City - 2011 Canada
  2011-12-06 03:57 9431

8_ they said...

flowcub _ 146 months
“Holy crap this is dramatic, I feel like I just got done watching an 80's movie! Great juggling, and your camera is lookin sharp!”
Timaeschulze _ 149 months
“M83 is always a good choice if it goes to juggling videos of any kind. Wes did it, now everyone is doing it and nothing is wrong with that. Great juggling and filming, enjoyed every single shot, especially like the clean and flowy 3c 3up 360, well done!”
JugglingJoe _ 149 months
“I have to second most of Tucetkuli's comments. The filming is technically good quality, for a juggling video especially. And the juggling is fine, too. I just think most of the shots "try too hard" to be artsy and it's too self-conscious. The slo-mo's, ending shot, and other close ups are just going overboard with trying to be "artsy." Videos can be very artistic, when they aren't forced. I think your filming is good, I just wanted to give my opinion of the stylistic elements of this video and "direction" of the video as a whole.”
Tucetkulí! _ 149 months
“Shooting through bushes and flowers is nothing but technical mistake. The main goal shouldn't be aesthetic adoration of nature but the juggler's and objects motion. Also the detail footage of face is just filling nothing more. Next time try to concentrate on the juggling in order to make juggling video. Don't take it personally I just want to help - I also do mistakes (and big ones sometimes).”
papapaja _ 149 months
“very very nice Video”
TJugs _ 149 months
PePPy _ 149 months
“beautiful :)”
VolcanoBrian _ 149 months
“You are spot on about taking time with the editing. You brought art in addition to juggling to this video. Much appreciated.”

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640x360 - 29.97fps - mp4 - 37.22MB
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