_ Teku Contact - Salaryman Part 1


Salaryman - A full length video combining contact bodyrolling, finger stalls and mixed props (Renegade Design Lab).

I've made plenty of videos up until now but I felt like creating something more substantial for a change. The idea came several months ago during a very low point at my job (basically a lack of anything to do), so I've used all that pent up energy and frustration and decided to create some new ideas and see if I could take contact juggling somewhere that maybe hasn't been explored before. Theres plenty more to be done but this is a first step towards where I would like to be with my juggling in the future.

I'm not interested in asking people to pay to watch or for donations (it just wouldn't feel right), I simply ask that if you like what you see, please share it! As long as it gets around and (hopefully) inspires somebody then it has done it's job.

Download link (720p) - http://ge.tt/4JV3o9L/v/0?c

Hope you like it!
Tokyo - 2012 Japan
  2012-07-28 15:23 3080

3_ they said...

MartinZê _ 130 months
“Thank you very much for sharing Teku!!”
Zenoth _ 133 months
“Teku you rock good sir. Keep the awesome videos coming ^^”
nextinline42 _ 133 months
“I'm gonna leave my thoughts here as I watch the video:
diabolo!!! that part was awesome
really liked the fingerstall part
clubs have a lot of potential, very nice to see where you're going with them
the shirt made me laugh
so did 13:40
the last trick was MAD!!!!! absolutely crazy
on to part 2!”

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