_ 5 Bottles- a documentary

A no BS look at beginning to try five beer bottles.
Tempe, AZ - 2012 United States
  2012-08-06 04:24 2914

3_ they said...

BrentFiasco _ 141 months
“Haha! thanks for the tip. I considered looking for those Mickey's grenade-shaped ones, or even lucky Lager if that still exists, but decided to go with what was handy. My hands find the "not a club but not a ball" aspect pretty interesting to catch (once in a while) and also enjoy their common-ness.”
hellester _ 141 months
“No seriously, the traditional bavarian bottles are easier to juggle (the short fat ones, not the weird lanky ones)”
hellester _ 141 months
“You might find using bavarian beer bottles easier, they contain a liquid - similar to the play silX balls - that makes juggling much easier. Also life.
Actually i'm not sure if the silX actually work that well...”

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