_ Hi-Yo Encanto!

Some juggling from Encanto Park in Phoenix, AZ Wed 21Sept

Unfortunately, my eagerness to get this video up led to my neglecting those black bars on the sides, top, and bottom. Woops.
Phoenix, AZ - 2011 United States
  2011-10-03 01:49 2943

3_ they said...

melissaalexandra _ 137 months
“thats so cool! im gonna stop by on wensday!”
BrentFiasco _ 137 months
“Did you see the kids fumbling to even hold onto 2 cigar boxes? Really , though, if you even slow down while you pass by people will try to grab you and put clubs in your hands. We've been getting there sometimes before 7 now that the weather's so perfect, too!”
melissaalexandra _ 137 months
“this is awesome! can people try to learn or are only good jugglers allowed to go on wedsndays at encanto?”

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