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Luke Wilson, master juggler and magician, an Englishman in Continental exile passed away today.

He lives on in our memories and on video.

Here Luke shows the world that juggling can be art and that he was a great artist.

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_ Luke Wilson - Club routine

Filmed in Krystallpalast Varieté, Leipzig in Oct. 2005. Luke was always against having his act online, he always felt that if you wanted to see it you should see it live. Tragically that is no longer a possibility and so I hope he'd forgive me for uploading it now. His work is timeless and I truly believe he'd be happy to let us all enjoy what he spent so long building and be pleased to know that his work lives on to inspire future generations. One of the true greats. RIP old friend.
  2012-10-03 08:18 11450

13_ they said...

DeepSpin _ 123 months
“Superb in so many ways. I love the multiplex throws and the lovely little gag at the end. Extra nice to see he used live music and graciously thanked his pianist from the stage.”
Manuel _ 124 months
“Schade, ich habe ihn nie persönlich kennengelernt, aber alle seine Videos verschlungen. Seiner Anleitung nach kann ich jetzt auch den Kick-up mit 2 Keulen. Seine Videos und Auftritte werden mir fehlen ......”
HEC_Productions _ 124 months
“RIP a master”
Robin _ 125 months
“Thanks Edita, I've updated the info in the description.”
Edita _ 125 months
“The performance was at Krystallpalast Varieté Leipzig in Oct. 2005.”
huggableh11 _ 125 months
“Such said news for a truly amazing entertainer. He will be missed by so many. I will never forget the early days of juggling at Priory school, with John, Jamie, Crunchie, Simon, Matt and so many others. RIP hun. love to all close to you. xxx”
jugglingjunkie _ 125 months
“loved every second of it! such skill! hope to meet again sometime for some passing...”
Offa _ 125 months
“It's first time I log in to JTV for a long time, and I find a message from Luke from last year. Shit. Sure, I add the link, Luke, so go buy the Bramson book everyone. I like the collection of 4 clubs from the floor in this act. It's very cool and just like his great juggling. Man, too sad.”
BenHopper _ 125 months
“thats a fucking shame :(”
juggle_sensei _ 125 months
“Besides being absolutely gutted by the loss of a friend and teacher, I can't help but think about all the knowledge (workshops, compering, performances) that know lies out of reach. I can hardly stand it....”
brinkadeiras _ 125 months
Robin _ 125 months
“True words Arron. A master at work, the construction of his juggling was astounding. The devil's in the details, and nobody paid more attention to those details than Luke.”
Arron _ 125 months
“There are so many great details in this act it's ridiculous.”

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