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There'll only ever be one Luke. Always a pleasure to hang with you, sir.

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_ Luke Wilson

The realLuke doing some of that wicked club juggling stuff that he does.
  2007-03-03 02:22 22018

4_ they said...

TLMB _ 128 months
“Goodbye, mate. I'll miss you. Thanks for all the good times.”
Utwo _ 157 months
“I saw you in London!!! You was juggling with 3 chainsaw on a monocycle!!! You are very good! Keep it up!”
Offa _ 183 months
“Really great video. I think Edvenchers don't get what promo is. This is perfect.”
Edvenchers _ 185 months
“I didn't care for the music. Lot's of trick-edits. At first I thought Luke was going to develop a character because of his costume and the way he hid his first club and then put on his glasses. For someone with a great reputation for his skills, this video is lacking.”
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