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Happy New Year from all at JTV. Enjoy this performance piece from the Jugglology Institute.

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_ Circuit Part I Escape

Circuit is a four part performance created by The Institute of

“Freedom is not just a dream.  It's there, beyond those fences that we build all by ourselves.”
-Ethan Powell (Anthony Hopkins)

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United States
  2013-01-01 08:42 4894

5_ they said...

brook_roberts _ 99 months
“One of my favourite passing videos. Fantastic and inspiring.”
JaredDavis _ 123 months
“Great filming! I like the modifications.”
congasious _ 124 months
Manuel _ 124 months
“Einmalig, meiner Meinung nach durch nichts zu toppen.....”
ben-2-8 _ 124 months
It is incredibly cool and disturbing at the same time.
Very impressive !”
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