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One of the strangest and most compelling spectacles of synchronised performance.

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_ Arirang Mass Games 2013

I visited DPRK in September 2013 and was lucky enough to see the Mass Games twice. The show has around 100,000 performers and it tells the story of The Korean Revolution through synchronised dance, gymnastics and acrobatics. The giant picture on the far side of the stadium is created by 20,000 children, all with books of coloured cards, each book containing up to 170 pages. The scene at the start is their warm up. The show runs each year from July to September or October; you can watch as many videos online as you like, but to truly appreciate it, it's best to see it live.

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Pyongyang - 2013 Korea
  2013-10-10 08:46 5867

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CircusFreak713 _ 128 months
“Such an amazing spectacle! Brilliant! I can't even imagine what rehearsals were like and how long they took (probably all year)! Might have to go see this live one day...”
hexagonic _ 128 months
“Brilliant, nice to hear from another juggler who made the trip! I got up and spoke in English class at the Grand People's Study House and tried to explain what juggling was, and what throw throw catch catch meant to a lot of blank faces.”
Simalacrum _ 128 months
“Bizzarely, I've seen that exact performance live this year as well! Didn't realise another juggler had gone to North Korea xD”

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