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An empty beach, rusting statuary, repeated collisions. Not a J.G. ballard novel, but impact juggling from Will.

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_ Collisions on Crosby

I've been working on collisions (as I like to call them) for about three years now. In essence it's when two (or more) balls hit each other. I've also been playing around with taps (where you tap the ball(s) with your hand); this video has most of the three ball tricks I've learnt.

Filmed on Crosby Beach, near Liverpool in September 2014.
Music is "Trick" by The Rainstick Orchestra
Crosby - 2014 United Kingdom
  2014-10-13 04:28 4315

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hexagonic _ 112 months
“Thanks both for your comments. Crosby beach has a hundred of these statues dotted along the coastline, some on the beach whilst others further out to sea. Some are buried whilst others are not; some get submerged by the incoming tide, others less so. Many however get dressed up by visitors so don't expect the pink dress to be there if/when you visit!!”
DiaboloDavidguitar _ 112 months
“I liked the sequences at :39 and at 1:44, and what's the deal with the statue? Why is it out of the sand at first, but then it's buried?”
noslowerdna _ 112 months
“The cherrypickery stuff @ 2:33 is particularly nice.”

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