_ Équilibre - A Juggling Experience by Nico Pires

"Équilibre" (which means balance in french) is a juggling experience directed and performed by Nico Pires, filmed in motion by Franck Remy (www.rollercam.fr).
The original song "Équilibre" is performed by Hocus Pocus featuring Oxmo Puccino. Here is the official music clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xE8nT8-
The lyrics are talking about the struggle to find balance in life, using many metaphors through juggling, acrobatics and circus.
Copyrights of the song are owned by On and On Records and Universal Music France. Buy the song here: https://itunes.apple.com/fr/album/equilibre/id361784864?i=361784875
Nico is a self taught artist specialized in diabolo, contact juggling and influenced by a diversity of movements (hip hop and contemporary dancing, capoeira).
Recorded in Châteauroux's National Stage Equinoxe, "Équilibre" is an invitation into Nico's quest of balance through the juggling and body expression.
To discover more about Nico, check out his official website: www.diabolo4life.com
Châteauroux France
  2014-11-26 04:30 4506

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ArthurHyamJuggling _ 107 months
“Great work Nico! Respect :)”
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