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_ Unscrambled LB: Aidan Burns' Scrambled V Variation (iA cC sB)

Unscrambled LB, by Aidee Castro, Steve Healy, Rhonda and Will Murray (Long Beach, 2014). Part of the Aidan Burns Project to juggle all 27 of his Scrambled V variations. Special thanks to Steve Gerdes.

A: ps ps ps ->B
B: ps ss ps ->C
C: ss ps ss -> A
M: iA cC sB -> M

The feeder is A and the feedees are B (on A's left) and C. The feeder counts 1 2 3. On 1 and 3, A and B exchange a pass. On 2, A and C exchange a pass. On 3, B catches the pass and walks over by A, rotating the positions.

1. "iA": The manipulator M intercepts a pass from B to A. The juggler who was A becomes the manipulator, and reads from the manipulator line. The old manipulator reads A's line.

2. "cC": The manipulator carries a club to C.

3. "sB": The manipulator substitutes a pass from A to B (catches the pass and hands in a different club). Then all the jugglers are re-labeled (but not the manipulator) and the new feeder starts counting the 3 passes.

Here, Rhonda starts manipulating at beat 3 above.
Long Beach - 2014 United States
  2015-04-06 00:41 3085

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