_ Ambled 3V - Unicorn Charge!

The Ambled 3V, a.k.a., Unicorn Charge! Performed by Keith Campbell, Ingrid Johnson, Will Murray, Britt Tyler, and Staffan Ulfberg in July 2017./nThe Scrambled 3V is a combination of Aidan Burns's Scrambled 3 and Scrambled V patterns to make a five-person, two-manipulator pattern. In the Ambled version, we add an extra club (12 in total) and make all the passes doubles so it takes place on a 10-club doubles feed. /nIn the Ambled 3, the manipulator (M) substitutes a pass from the right feedee (C) to the feeder (A). But *before* delivering that club to A, M must steal another club from A. (This is the same set of steals as in the Scrambled 3, but in the Scrambled 3 you don't have the time travel problem.) So M must actually juggle for one beat! /nWhen we filmed this, Ingrid and Britt were wearing matching unicorn t-shirts, so when they charged together they made unicorn horns. This is how the pattern shall forever henceforth be performed.
2017 United States
  2017-08-01 01:06 2204

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