_ First Brazilian Mini-Convention of Manipulation

This is a compilation of the videos that I recorded during the First Mini-Convention of Manipulation ("1ª Mini-Convenção de Manipulação"), which took place in Altinópolis (SP) in December, 2015. Huge thanks to Marcelo Mamute for organizing such a fun event and motivating everyone to come. Although it happened in Brazil, most jugglers featured in the video are not Brazilian and their names are written below in order of appearance:

Andres Torres Diaz (Rings)
Hannes a.k.a Hofen (Clubs)
Marcelo Mamute (Balls)
Caio Matricardi (Diabolo)
Lucas Devillers (Staves)
Lucas Adverse (Me)
Iuri Martins (Contact Juggling)
Guili (Clubs with a balance)
Anny Berrocal (Passing with Guili)
Gramatik - Just Jammin'
DJ Okawari - Peacock

Hotel Fazenda Vale das Grutas - Altinópolis, São Paulo, Brazil.

Thank you for watching.
2015 Brazil
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“1:11 was ace! 5:20 was cool.”

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