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Spooky sounds suit silky spin skills. It's Collaboration time from the DCA crew!

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_ Diabolo.ca Collaboration video 2017

the twelfth annual diabolo.ca collaboration video celebrating the thirteenth anniversary of the D.ca forum./ndiabolo jugglers from many different countries are here sharing their tricks with all of us. Now it is time to celebrate even that this video is published way late and unfortunately doesn't have all the clips that were sent for the 2017 collaboration project in the first place. Sorry for that but I wasn't able to do much about that. Some say better late than never and some might still dissagree but try to enjoy this Late Reduced remix of Diabolo.ca Collaboration video 2017. Cheers, Rauli/n#sharingiscaring/ndiabolo jugglers included on the video:
Eduardo Bemfica
Jannis K.
Richard Yeow
Shu Yi
Arjan Groenendijk
Soon Yong Wei
Bartłomiej Milewski
Luísa Rodrigues
Ben Caton
viktor van hees/nEdit: Rauli Katajavuori
Music: Paavoharju
'Hän teki minut autioksi'
world Tuvalu
  2018-08-27 06:03 3029

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