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Jtv says_ 6? We missed the first 5, but this is a trickful of brim and a half. Maybe 6 just meant the number of boxes....

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_ Cigar Boxes 6

Box juggling by Eric Bates at ENC featuring devin henderson doing some acrobatics.

For more information on Eric, check out his site:
  2009-01-20 02:26 9839

13_ they said...

jonathanangert _ 161 months
“Woooow Thats Crazy!!!”
guster _ 171 months
“I've never been overly impressed with any cigar box video-it's just not my thing...but that was straight up bonkers!”
jugglerboy _ 172 months
“Truly Phenomenal!!!! Keep it up!”
Simalacrum _ 176 months
“...I've lost my jaw, its dropped too far down...”
Timaeschulze _ 177 months
“Absolutely crazy, I downloaded it pronto ;)
Whats the song btw?”
Christiaan531 _ 180 months
“unbelievable... just amazing tricks!”
connie _ 180 months
“rock those boxes dude! thats the way to do it. you the king of the boxes”
TwistedArmco _ 180 months
“Oh my God! I've never seen anything like it..”
Ant _ 181 months
“I remember you from Turbo Fest. You my friend are amazing! PS, I also liked your slide through your friend's legs during combat. I didn't think you planned it at first and I couldn't believe it!”
Robin _ 181 months
“Clearly this is quite ridiculous. Well done, crazy skills!”
adamkilleen _ 181 months
“the only good cigar box video i have ever seen, it was so great! the last trick was magic ”
Arron _ 181 months
“This video is nuts. Thanks for making it!”
unjongleur _ 181 months
“absolutely amazing tricks here i never thought were possible”

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