_ JustLarry Slap stacking 20 Cigar Boxes on ringling

Howdy folks,
This is a video of me on Ringling Bros. Circus doing my 20 Cigar Box Slap Stack.
I did this act for the entire 2001 tour.
In Rings 2 and 3 there are 2 elephants, and in Ring 1 is me (I think I did very well of keeping my audience!).

I was a studier of Friesch. and He is where I got this from.

This was filmed in Knoxville Tn.on February 16th, 2001.
It was filmed by my aunt Ann Hughes.
She was visiting the show with my Mom and my aunt Susan.
Ann passed away of cancer in 2006.

Knoxville Tn. - 2001 United States
  2007-12-05 05:40 7710
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