_ The best yo-yo trick in the world

Void explains yo-yoing as viewed by The Public.
  2009-03-24 02:30 10496

3_ they said...

Grant _ 170 months
“I've had the invisible man request, thanks Arron for the reference point as to where it comes from. Generally i ask for requests first, then show what i want. Nice piece Void, Well Done.”
TLMB _ 170 months
“No-one's ever mentioned Invisible Man to me. And I knew you'd pick me up on that, but it did take you 2 whole hours. I blame the lip of the stage sneaking up on me, but hey, no brownie points for barking? ;)”
Arron _ 170 months
“A very nice anecdote however there are two things wrong with it:

Someone always go onto ask, "Can you do the invisible man?" (a reference to a cartoon Recess, in which one episode Gretchen makes her shoes walk along using Yo-Yos). And you are forced to reply no.

The second is that actually didn't perform walk the dog as clearly you have more than the regulation amount of string showing after the catch.

Also nice video!”

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