_ Michael, X Div, FS, UK Yo-yo Nats 09

Michael's freestyle in the X Division in the 2009 UK National Yo-yo Championships.
Ladbroke Grove, London - 2009 United Kingdom
  2009-06-21 03:12 3131

2_ they said...

TLMB _ 153 months
“It's a fair comment, and one that stokes a fair bit of debate in the UK yo-yo community. 30% of the marks are awarded for performance skills, but most competitors ignore this completely. "We're not performers, we're yo-yoers", they say, preferring only to push the technical element. Fair enough, to some extent, especially at a yo-yo competition, but then again, as soon as you're on a stage, you're a performer, whether you like it or not. There is talk of an Artistic Performance division at this year's Nationals.....”
TheMagicYoYo _ 153 months
“He didn't move the entire time except to pick up another yoyo. What ever happened to showmanship?”

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