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JTV says_ We thought Michael had been a bit quiet on the video front. Turns out he was hard at work on creating an epic. Lots of teasers to tempt you herein.

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_ Spark (New Michael Karas Film)

A year in the making, Spark is unlike any juggling film you have ever or will ever see. A rare glimpse into the creative, inventive, and always humorous mind of Michael Karas reveals extraordinary new juggling ideas, both with traditional and innovative props. Spark celebrates that feeling of euphoria that washes over us when we conquer something new, that spine-tingling thrill of "eureka" when a new idea comes to life. 11 sections of creative and high energy prop manipulation keep the spark alive and contagious.
  2010-06-18 01:26 8127

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MichaelAKaras _ 126 months
“If you'd like a DVD, e-mail me at [email protected]
ntagants _ 126 months
“where is it possible to download or to buy the full one?”
mistersacham _ 154 months
“buaaaa nice video, You are great juggler and great mind.”
Juraj _ 155 months
Reeses2150 _ 155 months
“Holy DAMN! this is gonna be SO awesome :D”

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