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this ist the Trailer for the new video TTHIRD WORLD JUGLLING.
6 jugglers from Bogota, Colombia with creative and new tricks.
75 min full of nice juggling whit balls, clubs and other things
Bogotá - 2009 Colombia
  2009-08-12 00:59 12165

12_ they said...

Mime _ 145 months
“wow!!! esta de remate!!! bunisimo amigos abrazoz desde chile :D”
Miande _ 160 months
“Bueno el feli mas en enfermo q nunca po!!!”
LiliCortez _ 163 months
como consigo el DVD en colombia ?
multimanosproduccio _ 169 months
“El DVD del "Third World Juggling" esta ya en MEXICO y lo puedes conseguir en la tienda de Malabares.com.mx
Ojalá les guste.
PDT: solo pudimos mandar pocas copias así que no esperen para conseguirlo.
y adelante el malabarismo latinoamericano.”
villa _ 170 months
“ke loko... muy bueno !!!!”
GeskOne _ 173 months
“Que bueno que gente de otros paises quieran el DVD
Fuerza, Colombian Juggling!”
hector18 _ 173 months
“hey como puedoconseguir el DVD soy de mexico??????”
HEC_Productions _ 173 months
multimanosproduccio _ 174 months
“So far we are looking the ways for distribute the video outside Colombia. So, as soon as we know where you can get it, I will let you know.
Thank you for your interest!”
juggleholic _ 174 months
“where will I be able to buy it?
it looks great!!!
multimanosproduccio _ 174 months
“its a DVD, in two weeks its ready, and we hope to have some copies in Europe and in USA as soon as possible.
this is the first Colombian juggling DVD, i hope you like it.”
TonyGonzalez _ 174 months
“Will this be online or DVD?”

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