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JTV says_ More rolling, but this time with added air- and foot-work. We like the shoes. Do you think he's got another pair just like that at home?

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_ El laboratorio de la gravedad.

I found this "half pipe" in the garbage one nigth until I walked in the streed.
and this is some of the tricks that I can do whit.
Hope you like it..
Bogotá - 2009 Colombia
  2009-11-28 03:32 6531

5_ they said...

nicolasjaramillo _ 67 months
“wahssss¡¡¡ Dani, motivación total que sorprendente exploración, parcero que gran malabarista eres. Abrazos”
thejuggler _ 158 months
“I gave you 5 stars just because you dressed up in a suit and juggled in a car park. Nice work!”
villa _ 159 months
“ke loko... muy bueno !!!!”
Nada.ki _ 159 months
“Felcitaciones Daniel!
Esa era ya es el segundo videooo
Buena un orgullo total
Puro juggling colombia
Felicitaciones y mis respetos”
guster _ 159 months
“Pretty damn cool. Now when you start tossing the balls into the transition closest to you and it launches off the other side , into the wall and back to you(like bounce juggling with a little halfpipe) you will achieve true awesomeness. Nice filming and editing BTW.”

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