_ Counting Escalator Steps

LINKS: TITLE: Counting Escalator Steps IDEA: Stale bread boring and i never want my juggling to be a synonym for it. So i am trying to use what i find in juggling quickly and get on to the next thing to keep it interesting for me and other juggling enthusiasts. So i felt like i needed to make this video so the juggling didn't get forgotten and lost. (see PROCESS from more pretentiousness) HOW TO: For best results view film in full screen in a dark room with sound canceling headphones at least 2 hours after eating and no more than 15 minutes after reading fiction. Feet should be flat on the floor, palms down, and head 70 cm from the screen(assuming you are viewing this on a computer). CREDITS :
special thanks to K8 for the POP clubs! PROCESS: there is not enough room to write this here but you can read it in the info of this same video on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/wespeden
danshogskolan - 2009 Sweden
  2009-09-07 05:32 11429

6_ they said...

ortosrs _ 166 months
Timaeschulze _ 167 months
“Just an awesome vid. I love your work in general but this is just amazing. The colours of your clubs are fabolous, green and pink.”
juggleholic _ 168 months
“that is one great video :O
love 4:14”
villa _ 168 months
“nice work!!!!!!!!! keep improving pleese hahaha”
robfirey _ 168 months
“Great juggling, excellent editing/filming and use of lighting
had me wanting to juggle more after a full day of it
running up the wall !”
Robin _ 168 months
“Always killing it. Good work.”

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