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JTV says_ A plethora of plosive plexes, properly propelled by Philipp.

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_ club multiplexes by philipp vermehren

club multiplexes by philipp vermehren
2009 United Kingdom
  2009-10-11 05:26 8101

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javg2386 _ 142 months
thatguy _ 161 months
“This video was pretty sweet. It showcased a few things that I have been working on as well.
About club grips, I do not have the best backcrosses(I have only flashed 5 and back into cascade) but I and a ton of other people who are waaaaay better than I am slide the clubs. There is plenty of time. In fact, I didn't use to slide the clubs and got corrected on it and it was only then that 3 club backcrosses started to work for me.”
jumblymamba _ 169 months
“tell it like it is ,thank you”
torbs _ 169 months
pvermehren _ 169 months
I persosnally think one important aspect of getting good club control is to be able to change grips and slide clubs around in your hands before throwing them, this helps make corrections. The reason for catching the first club in the middle when catching for a multiplex is that it lets you hold it with your thumb so your other fingers are free to catch the other club. But if you feel so strongly about this you can find another way to catch them for multiplexes, Im sure other people use different methods! This just works for me and I wanted to share my way...”
WillHelm _ 169 months
“If you want the club held at the end of the handle, why start by catching in the middle? That is bad advice to beginners. Sliding the club is wrong itself, and there is no time for such fiddling with the grip while tossing BackCrosses. Making and keeping a solid grip is far better for dependable handling and accuracy. I did not watch your "tutorial" past that point.”
TonyGonzalez _ 169 months
“Nice stuff. Thanks for the clean video and solid music.”
pvermehren _ 169 months
radomasta _ 169 months
“That's nice plexing mate :)”

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