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JTV says_ Is this what they call a roller bowler? The angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection. Which might explain the face. Beware the earworm!

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Well, you know the year when Greg Kennedy won IJA... You propably know Denis Paumier then as well... and you know, they have rolled some things on things, like most of us, and Michael Moschen too. I just couldn't resist myself doing the same shit when I saw this 'Air defence mirror from Finnish military' It's kind of fun to do. I wish that I could get my own air defence mirror like that. Then propably I would practise more.
Helsinki - 2009 Finland
  2009-11-20 03:50 8512

9_ they said...

jugglebomb _ 154 months
“Really cool but I definitely like rolling when its done with a solid surface that doesn't reflect. I think I could have understood what was happening better if it was black maybe. Good stuff though!”
peteraberg _ 154 months
“Nice one! :D”
Rhalf _ 154 months
“I wish could buy this... Or at least download.”
multimanosproduccio _ 154 months
“very nice structure, tricks and paterns.
I prepare a video in a similar way, crazy, you life in Finland.
I love this kind of things.
stan _ 154 months
“the four balls no hands - looks effortless..”
Simalacrum _ 154 months
“very impressive... but I think it could have done without the mirror. The face kiiinda made it hard to focus on the balls...”
hexagonic _ 154 months
“weird, 8 balls looks like it's a crossing pattern. Will these mirrors be in the shops for Christmas d'ya think?”
guster _ 154 months
“It's really hard to follow the balls and patterns...I keep focusing on your heads reflection in the mirror. Trippy.”
lbz1984 _ 154 months
“Very Impressive
Juggling + House of Mirrors”
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