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_ To Fix the Boredom in My Head

Filmed my practice session today and yesterday. 28th/29th December. Tried some new things too. Not to be taken too seriously.
Location: Vernon, BC.
Vernon, BC - 2009 Canada
  2009-12-31 03:51 3279

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dalezilla _ 160 months
“I am fully aware of compression and do know how to compress, but it was edited by a professional videographer and he gave me the version I can use. I can't compress it more without his permission and since I don't have the original file anyway, I don't really want to do that.”
QualCon _ 160 months
“A 4 minute video bigger than 300MB is bigger than anyone needs. http://www.jugglingdb.com/compendium/media/compressing.html :-)”
dalezilla _ 160 months
“It's too big. JTV won't upload it.”
Diaboflehavre _ 160 months
“of course you're right!!!
and why don't you present ''put together beautifully'' on JTV?
I liked it really.”
dalezilla _ 160 months
“It's a practice video. You can't really compare a random practice session I filmed to a promo video now can you?”
Diaboflehavre _ 160 months
“i'm really disapointed, i prefer your other video”

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