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I'm so excited to announce that a little over 5 years after its December 2004 release date, Luftgarten, my first full-length (31 minute) juggling film is available again for all of you who missed it the first time around.

It's an instant $5 download and all sales go towards finishing my current project (already 40 minutes long and still going) which has two small teasers on my channel already.

I'm very proud of Luftgarten and am glad to be able to offer it again, without all the hassle of shipping costs and post office trips. I hope you all take the opportunity to download it because once it goes this time, it's going into the VAULT Disney-style.

Seven sections on this film and two fun surprises. Intro, Balls, Rolling, Kickups, Rings, Clubs, and "Hard Stuff". Add to that "Dance Dance Revolution" and "2 Ring Torture" and you've got yourself a Michael Karas classic. Or should I say "klassic"?

Thanks again for all your support! ~Michael Karas
New York, NY - 2010 United States
  2010-01-20 02:00 11580

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BrentFiasco _ 138 months
“441 Mill's mess with rings was RAD! as are many other things.”

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