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_ Rudi Schweitzer on TV

Rudi does his thing
  2007-05-15 04:38 11885

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Offa _ 115 months
“Thanks for info.”
kristiankristof _ 115 months
“Did you know that Rudi Schweitzer was the inventor of the cigar box pirouettes, as he performed this before 1960! Here an important statement I found on his own YouTube channel written in 2012, probably tired of false accusations… ‪#‎analogous‬… I have been teacht and traint by my uncle, a known Juggler betweeen 1930 to the 1950, so I am a copy of his act. No one has performed pirouettes with cigarboxes before "1950". I have been the very first to do so, before "1960". In the following years, other Jugglers did copied the cigarboxpirouettes. One of them has been "The son and Copy" of Bela Kremo, but Mr. Bela Kremo has been a real gentleman! On several occations between 1966 and 1989, I have been engaged at Lido in Paris for over 8 years, also more then 9 years in Las Vegas, Reno, Atlantic City (New Jersey), Montreal, New York et cetera, this are only a few stations of my career, and I am stil alive, thanks God. Rudi Schweitzer

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