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I made this video because I wanted to try putting some effort into the production side of things and because I had a bunch of clips I wanted to show certain individuals. Because I had no one in particular in mind to show all of this stuff to, the video has an ADHD feel to it that I like.
For the record, the juggling here is pretty respectably difficult, the straps are respectably intermediate, and the wheel stuff is laughably simple. This is in line with how often I practice each of them as well as the total length of time I've been working on each.
Santa Barbara CA - 2010 United States
  2010-03-01 04:18 3445

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samTribble _ 159 months
“Mike, your waltz in the simple wheel is really nice and smooth. it has a good rhythm and we will be able to do plenty of skills this summer. Can't wait! The Juggling is incredible and straps!!, can't wait for you to visit/live in our gym so I can learn some of that.
from your home away from home.
Giants Gymnastics”

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