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title: Grad School 1

description: I've been in grad school for 18 months now and it's been a difficult trip. Certainly more time consuming than undergrad but after the first semester I managed to find time to balance life out a bit more, resume volunteer work and circus training. The tricks in this video were mostly filmed over Thanksgiving and Christmas break and almost entirely involve backcrosses with clubs mainly because that's what I'm most excited about sharing at the moment. My knees gave me some problems several years ago and it's made me too paranoid about re-injuring them to do 360 tricks on an un-waxed floor. It's not any loss to the viewer as I haven't learned any new spin tricks in a long time. This is not to say I don't give them the effort, just that I haven't improved on them for a while. There are 360 tricks I could do in high school that I can't do much better these days despite the 6 years of practice that have passed. There are no balls in the video because I couldn't find a way to film them clearly and there is not
Tags: clubs - backcrosses





title: Pills

description: This is my summer 2010 juggling video. Unlike my last one, this thing is just juggling, none of those other distractions. The summer went a little off plan and for that reason I didn't get to juggle nearly as much as I had intended to. /nMy biggest problem was that I decided I was going to run 50 miles on August 1st. So all through June and July I was running a lot. . . like way more than you should, about 80 to 100 miles a week. Most every day I was juggling for a few hours, then running for a few hours, then studying for a few hours, then eating for a while. It turns out that it's bad for your body to do that. I lost 15 lbs in 4 weeks while I was eating 10,000 calories a day. As a result I wound up really immune compromised and I got shingles in late July. Shingles in very painful so I had to stop running and at that point I gained about a pound a day for almost 2 weeks. For those of you who have never experienced rapid weight fluctuations, they suck. For weeks after that I was sore and tired fo





title: Veal

description: It's part of an ongoing effort of mine to make friends.
Tags: jason - garfield - veal - mixed





title: Spring Break '010

description: A fun video of spring break, nothing to serious or full of effort but some nice tricks nonetheless. Most of the footage is from my trip to Oakland where I got to juggle with Shawn, Kyle and the rest of the people at the Vulcan and the Vagabond Ballroom. Hurray for nudists and juggling, two things that go oh so well together. The beard section in the middle is to make Sondre happy or disturbed depending on how he takes it.





title: Of Recent Interest

description: I made this video because I wanted to try putting some effort into the production side of things and because I had a bunch of clips I wanted to show certain individuals. Because I had no one in particular in mind to show all of this stuff to, the video has an ADHD feel to it that I like. For the record, the juggling here is pretty respectably difficult, the straps are respectably intermediate, and the wheel stuff is laughably simple. This is in line with how often I practice each of them as well as the total length of time I've been working on each.





title: Eleven: Musings of a Nutcase

description: It's actually hard to do this. You can believe me or you can do it yourself. This is the third time I've flashed it.
Tags: mike - byington - 11 - ball - flash





title: Stuff Filmed After The Last Video

description: Some clips of goofing off, first 97531, and my roll up record. Enjoy Music: Enjoy - KMK
Tags: straps - goofing - off





title: Summer 2009

description: Stuff I've been working on this summer. Flobots - Handlebars Opiate for the Masses - Step Up Shinedown - What a Shame
Tags: balls - clubs - rings - numbers





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