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_ first short diabolo routine

Ma premiere petite routine au diabolo, début 2010, excusez la qualité du montage.
my first little diabolo routine, 2010, sorry for the quality
  2010-03-29 00:48 4360

3_ they said...

yohan610 _ 158 months
“if you do it i the same way as i do it in the vid, first, before doing the sun put your left foot back from the other one and just do your sun :) hope it helped and hope before all that my english is correct^^”
maxmaestro _ 158 months
“i really like the body orbits and suns and stuff but i ting it would look better abit slower. i really like the poi inspired under the leg thing but when i try it it always comes off or hits me in the back.. any advice??”
pieter-jan _ 161 months
“nice video”

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