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_ Invisible Man

Some time ago, a Disney cartoon called 'Recess' featured a yo-yo trick called 'Invisible Man'. As such, yo-yo players are often asked if they can do the trick. Unfortunately, the trick - which involves shuffling a pair of shoes with two yo-yos, doesn't actually work. However, the comment did give me an idea....
Southampton - 2007 United Kingdom
  2007-06-21 01:45 10109

3_ they said...

edward _ 172 months
“haha that was great”
rubbishjuggler123 _ 197 months
“that is funny! great idea. I love the suit, oh yeah, great yoyoing as well”
TLMB _ 197 months
“Very evocative - was that music actually from the classic film version? I love the shadows - quite Wellesian. But the real question is..... when are you going to make a kendama video?”
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