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Jtv says_ A little seen prop combination that has much in common with cigar boxes, but lends itself to many interesting variations, as ably demonstrated here by Guy "Every BJC" Heathcote.

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_ Guy Heathcote Ball Sticks

The original set of wooden "Guy Heathcote Ball Sticks", as used at, I think, the Cambridge juggling convention in 1996. The routine in this form was only performed on very few occasions, so this is something of a rarity. Taken from old VHS, so video quality isn't great.
  2009-03-23 03:27 10337

4_ they said...

LP _ 183 months
“Hurrah! Bloody marvelous sir.”
Robin _ 183 months
“Guy is literally a legend to me. Big up the original UK G!”
Arron _ 183 months
“Great stuff from the original master himself.”
TLMB _ 183 months
“One day when Arron's gone on to dominate the world with his ball-stick routine, there will be people murmuring in the corner "Of course, you know where he got it all from..." ;) Very nice routine Guy. Thanks for digitising it for us all.”
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