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Jtv says_ _muscles! # Sometimes we see jugglers who can do stuff we can't.

Often we tell ourselves "I could do that if I just practised enough...". But other times you just know..."No!"

It's muscle week in the vaults, so bulge your biceps at these behemoths:

Valentin Dikul - Jeanin Lionet -Oleg Teplitski

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_ Valentin Dikul

A circus acrobat, Valentin took a bad fall and broke his back when he was seventeen. Dikul said no to the wheel-chair and painstakingly rehabilitated himself, largely with the help of his trusted kettlebells. But he did not stop there. He proceeded to become a great circus strongman juggling 80kg kettlebells and a powerlifter with mind-boggling lifts at sixty-something years of age!
  2007-06-30 13:54 27685

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