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Jtv says_ _That'd look wicked in UV, maaaan! -> Come on, you know you've heard some clueless hippy say that a time or three, right?

But the truth is, it doesn't always. Body moves in blacklight, anyone? Nnnnnope! It takes a lot of thought to create a UV or glo show that actually does look good, so we're glad to see the promo video for Spectral Productions make its way into the vaults.

Those who were around in the 90s will have had the chance to see their show at a British convention or two, and will remember funny, smooth combinations of juggling, puppetry and generally froopy eyecandy.

And for those who weren't...... dig those jellyfish!

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We no longer perform but thought i would put our showreel up.
London - 1999 United Kingdom
  2007-07-25 04:35 5055

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LP _ 188 months
“That was bloody marvellous! Brought back some nice memories of what was probably the best UV act I remember seeing.”

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