_ Tonza Diabolo Salento

Diabolo act by Toni Rosvall
kaapelitehdas - 2010 Finland
  2011-01-08 05:28 1608

3_ they said...

jhonzon _ 132 months
“i founded ur peformance very good but i like how u make everything look so smooth slow and awesome ur the style of diabolo i enjoy to watch. also u only had one drop very good performance.”
kilotluszczu _ 132 months
so in my opinion, your diabolo performance was awesome. Not always enjoy diabolo movies, but your routine and flowing style made this one very enjoyable
Keep it going, cheers!”
Tonza _ 132 months
“Hello people!!! All feedback is welcome. I'd like to hear what jugglers have to say about this gayish performance, couse i've been mostly hearing comments from "normal human beings" ;)”

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