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I can't do this move yet so here's a description from Tim:
Bacisally this move is just a way of combining a full steve & a matrix into one move. As the staff rolls down the left arm you need it to roll so the centre is a couple of inches infront of the arm (too much and the staff will speed up, too little and the staff won't make it round). The staff then goes round the left shoulder, round the neck and rolls up the right arm. As the staff gets to the top you propeller round the right wrist then let it roll back down the right arm. This is where it gets hard (espcially if you want it to feel smooth). As the staff rolls down the right arm you need to roll it so the centre moves behind the arm then roll it round the right shoulder round the throat and back up the left arm. It's tempeting to bring the staff round the right arm before it gets to the shouder but it don't look as good and it doesn't have the same flow to it).
In short the move goes 1/4 steve - 1/2 matrix - 1/2 steve -1/2 matrix - 1/4 steve enjoy
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